School Handbook

Our digital handbook makes it easy for parents and students to look up information quickly. We publish a revised addition of the handbook each school year. Unfortunately, things may arise from time to time that require us to alter the handbook immediately. These items will be listed below and will be incorporated into the next publication of the handbook. Any changes listed below are in full force immediately. Click HANDBOOK to see the current addition. It may also be found on the "Home Page" of our website.

School Handbook Updates

2017 - 2018 School Year

Update 3/2/18

Safety policy --

The general policy of parents or visitors coming to school requires everyone to sign in at the Narthex or the school office if there is not a receptionist in the Narthex.  Effective today (3/2/18), parents/visitors are not allowed on the playground during school hours.

School hours are considered to be from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Parents may supervise their own children on the playground starting at 3:15 pm if the playground is not being utilized by EDP.  All parents/visitors must have completed the background checks and Virtus training in order to be on the playground and at NO time may parents play on the playground equipment.


In regards to classroom visits, parents/visitors must make an appointment prior to going to the classroom.  Upon entering the building for the appointment, parents/visitors must sign in either in the Narthex or the school office.  Parents/visitors must have completed background checks and Virtus training in order to volunteer and/or visit the classroom.


After the first two weeks of school, students must walk to their classroom independently.  Any items the student may leave or forget that the parent later brings to school should be dropped off in the narthex or school office.  Parents should not just take items to the student’s classroom/lunchroom.