Community Resources

St. Patrick of Heatherdowns is only a part of student development. We have listed other things that may be beneficial to students and families.

Area Programs

The Toledo Museum of Art - Is a great resource exposing children to a variety of art and artist and is free to public. They offer a variety of classes for people of all ages.

The Toledo Public Library - Is a great resource for exposing children to the world of reading. With many different branches, there is sure to be one near you! They offer a variety of reading programs for students.

The Toledo Zoo - Is a great place to learn about God's animal creatures. They offer various classes for students.

Area Services

Healthy Start & Healthy Families - Free health care coverage for kids and pregnant women for those who qualify.

St. Vincent dePaul - St. Patrick of Heatherdowns has a chapter on premises. If you are in need of assistance or would like to volunteer, please call 419-381-9835.

The Red Cross - Has services available to those in need.